My Make Nine 2018 & goals for the year.

           In 2017 I was very focused on taking my wardrobe from being mostly ready to wear to handmade. As I look back on the year I feel confident I have achieved that. My wardrobe is probably 85% handmade, and most of my RTW hangs in the closet.. especially the jeans. Once you have jeans that are made to fit YOU its hard to wear others that dig in and pull. Most days I'm in almost all handmade, even when working out. I really have enjoyed making this wardrobe and have come to appreciate what it means to have things custom fit. There is no turning back now.

         Moving into 2018 I'm focusing on making some garments I've been apprehensive about constructing- included lingerie, a lined coats and trousers with less or no stretch stretch as the jeans I’m used to sewing. I have developed a make nine for 2018 that I think will be both challenging and practical. I’ve had a terrible time narrowing down my make nine..

1. Toaster Sweater (not sure which version)
2. Kelley Anorak- lined
3. Watson Bra set
4. Vintage spring robe & Carolyn PJs
5. Sophie Swim Suit
6. Chi Town Chinos or Sasha Pant
7. Granville Skirt or Kalle
8. Hadley Top
9. Union St. Tee

Brick Sweater by Clare Lee, found on

        Another goal (that might be the most challenge for me) is to knit myself a sweater that I'll actually wear. I know I can knit a sweater.  To make one with light yarn and small stitches will be key if I'm actually going to wear it. If you follow me on Instagram you'll know I like to to go fast when it comes to make making and can pump out a lot of items fairly quickly. When it goes to cut, sew, press repeat I can usually beat the clock. I can usually look at pattern pretty quickly and get the gist and go from there. Knitting is nothing like that- I'll need loads of patiences and focus and actually paying attention to a pattern.. and there really isn't making a toile when it comes to knitting. At least for me- I'm not going to knit an entire sweater with small needles just to go and do it again. Right now I'm searching for just the right pattern- I think it will be something very similar to the sweater above, if not that one.

       Beyond making these items I’m also setting some goals as far as blogging goes. I obviously have a blog but I haven’t done the best job of sharing on it. Starting in January I have the goal of posting once a week. While that’s the goal, its not the expectation, for now. I know there will months where I fail but I know I will be improving on what I’ve blog in the last year. I’m doing to better document my sewing. I think documenting and photographing my makes will be really helpful as I continue to grow as a sewist as well as become a good resource to reflex on.

        Finally I want to be more organized in the way I approach my sewing and that includes keeping a  handle on my sewing room and stash. I find I am much happier to go into my sewing room and create when its a bright organized space. This will take some cooperation from my daughter who has recently begun sleeping in there (her sister requires less sleep and was keeping her up). I am already making sure I fully clean up from one project before I move on to the next, including dusting and vacuuming. Already I can see a huge difference. In terms of my fabric- there will be no more buying without a true plan. I have too much fabric as it is and I don't want to add to it especially when there is no intention. I also hope by being more organized I can make my way through more of my stash. The reality of my life is I'm also a military spouse and I don't want to keep amassing a huge stash of fabric only to have to move it, especially if it's not fabric that's of true value to me.

      So that's the plan for now. In January I'm staring with my Granville and probably the Kelly Anorak so I can actually wear it! I'll share my progress as I go!


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