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Pinterest Inspired Stripe Skirt

       Spring is here and I've been all about planning out my summer wardrobe. I really want to create a wardrobe that will work for our cross country drive. As a result, I’ve been spending some time on Pinterest searching for inspiration. I knew skirts would be a great comfortable option for the drive. I had a few requirements- elastic waist, mid length, low maintenance fabric that would travel well. I had considered some circle type skirts but decided I wanted a slimmer silhouette that would be good paired with a t-shirt or tank top. I came across this image and was sold. I knew it would fit my criteria as well as being good with a variety of shoes. here's the source      I had fabric that I had gotten at the swap which I thought would be perfect. It’s a fabric that feels like a light weight stretch twill. I like the colors, which to me feel neutral. I needed less than a yard for this project.      To start, you’ll want to utilize an existing pattern. I u

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