Me Made May 2017 1-9 Round Up

      So we're off! Me made may 2017 is about a third of the way over. For those of you who are unfamiliar with the me made may pledge I'll explain. This pledge which originally comes from Zoe of So, Zo , asks sewers/knitters/crocheters/refashioners to wear hand-created clothing every day for a month. The aim is to encourage people to bring the DIY and handmade ethos into their everyday lives, and to develop a better relationship with your handmade wardrobe, per Zoe's blog. You can pledge to wear whatever amount of you can achieve without what Zoe calls "panic-sewing". For myself I have committed to at least one handmade garment per day for the entire month and at least 10 days where my outfit is completely handmade. For me, that consists of my outer clothing, i'm not yet ready to construct my own undergarments (particularly bras- but I hope to get into that soon).

        I am learning a lot about what I want and need in my handmade wardrobe from this challenge. At this point, 9 days in. I can see I need several more pair of pants (I just cut and bleached denim for another pair of ginger jeans. Right now my gingers are without a doubt my favorite item I have ever sewed for myself. A lot of that has to due with the wonderful online class Heather has available- i was able to get an ideal & personalize fit that I'd never find in a RTW pair of jeans. Also on my list is hudson pants- hopefully in a woven and knit. I'm also interested in making either Maritime shorts or chi-town chinos- I'm unsure which pattern is going to be a better pattern for my body.  I have been wearing a lot of self-drafted leggings- almost daily, because those are my bottoms of choice for the gym. I also threw in a pair of self drafted gym shorts from a floral liverpool. 

     As far as tops, i'm relying a lot on my knit tops- tees and tanks. This is isn't surprising as knit is typically part of my wardrobe, which is generally casual.  I'm a stay at home mom and sewist so there isn't a need to dress more formally. So far, these knit shirts have been constructed using Hey June, Bella Sunshine Designs, and Patterns for Pirates patterns. I'm considering adding the linden sweatshirt and lark tee as these are two patterns I always like the lines of regardless of the body type or styling of the wearer.  
   Being that I live in a warm climate, San Diego, I have the opportunity to wear dress as well- i've worn  my lodo dress from True Bias and I have just made another Lodo out of black scuba that I'm looking forward to wearing soon. I'm also going to make a southport dress (hopefully both views). 

   So here are the pictures of what I've been wearing and i apologize for the selfies- i'll be investing in a tripod soon!


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