Back at this. For me.

Well I've made a lot of clothing this year but I fell short of my goal. Originally, I was focused on a 90% handmade wardrobe for my daughters. Perhaps it was a bit too lofty. So now I'm committing first to Handmade May 2017. Each day in May I will wear handmade my goal is to be at least 50% handmade. I know I have some RTW jeans I love that will be in the mix along with my green jacket, leather jacket and some other staples. I've started by compiling a list of patterns that I'm interested in and i've decided step one is going to be a wardroom capsule plan via  sudoku. Working on that should show me what really essential to my wardroom and what I wear most. For this I'll keep a clothing journal/OOTD log to refer to.

I've been working on defining my personal style. Which turns out can be somewhat tricky. Sometimes an outfit I like doesn't equate to something I want to wear or would look good on me. I've been reading a lot of posts by closet case patterns blog- heather is doing a lot with this and following along as been super helpful (side note- I'm a huge fan of Heather's patterns- the ginger jeans alone have changed the way I view my ability to construction my own wardrobe, definitely check her out). From there I was directed to wardrobe architect series on the colette blog.  I've been working on the work sheets she provided as well as following the suggestion that I develop a style board on pinterest to figure out what I want to wear, not what is just visually appealing & even in linking this to the blog I can clearly see some images are purely enjoyable to my eye, not what I want to put on my body. I guess what I'm really learning is determine your actual personal style is challenging. It's very similar to realizing that you can appreciate some artwork without wanting to hang it on your wall.
Love a casual Grace Kelly (not my image)

    I've determined that I'm less interested in t-shirts that I would have originally thought and that a collared shirt is high on my list of not only visually appealing but desirable as a functional part of my wardrobe. I look forward to seeing how this handmade wardrobe turns out to be. I think I might surprise myself if I focus less on what I think I "should" be making and more on what I really WANT to wear. 
 Reese Witherspoon's sweater, shirt, & cuffed jeans is my jam... i want this look all day,  every day. 


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